Melissa DePaul

I'm a Broadcast Communications and Business Administration Major at Westminster Collge. I am the producer/director for Coach's Corner, which is a sports show for football and basketball season. I'm also the director of the County Line, which is a live 30-minute newscast every Thursday night at 7:30 on Adelphia Cable 9.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

VZW update

Well I completed 4 weeks at Verizon Wireless and love it! I was in training for 3 weeks and finally spent this week "attempting" to do my job. There is so much to learn such as materials, products, billing systems, and general cash management procedures. Everyday is a new and different day. There is never a dull moment and the hours fly by. My fellow co-workers have been so helpful and are really great to work with. I have also been promoted to full-time last week after I finished training. Everyday I learn more and more, but I feel like I've been hit with so much information its hard to keep everything straight. It reminds me of just being thrown into the directors/TD's position and giving a 5 minute elevator speech on what needs to be done to carry out a successful show. Training gave me the tools to perform my job, now its just putting it all together and dealing with complicated issues on the spot.


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