Melissa DePaul

I'm a Broadcast Communications and Business Administration Major at Westminster Collge. I am the producer/director for Coach's Corner, which is a sports show for football and basketball season. I'm also the director of the County Line, which is a live 30-minute newscast every Thursday night at 7:30 on Adelphia Cable 9.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Crazy Busy

Hey everyone! I've been really slow at keeping up with my blogging with the holiday's and stuff with my family. Here is what I am up to now. I'm still working at Shop N' Save but I have been sending out a lot of resumes. Over the holiday's I found out that I have a relative that works at KDKA (who would have ever thought). So they took my resume and are seeing if they can get me in somehow. I also spoke with Ross Guidotti last week and he shared his experiences within the industry and basically said if I want to make it in this field I have to start off at a stations that is in the middle of no where and work my way up. He was really nice and gave me a lot of good information. I applied at all the newstations in Pittsburgh. Now I am looking into the sports side of the business. I have also been applying for business jobs and been going on interviews. So I'm just waiting to see what happens. I also ran into Amy DalBon and she is going to keep me posted if she hears anything. I will keep blogging more, now that I have time. I am also coming up to visit next week and will stop by the newsroom and visit. Good luck with the County Line this week! I already miss college so much. Stay in school!!!


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